Communique from the Women’s Inter-University Assembly (Mexico City, Mexico)


Mexico City
September 9th, 2018

To the public opinion

The women of the schools and universities that have organized for the “Women’s Inter-University Assembly”, which will take place on September 12th at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), have agreed on the following:

For the security of us and our facilities, WE WILL NOT PERMIT the entrance of any person pertaining to the collective “Pan y Rosas”, who defined themselves as a group of “anti-capitalist, socialist and revolutionary” women students and house-wives. Nor will we permit their affiliated groups, such as Movement of Socialist Workers (MTS). We consider that these groups solely seek leadership and the cooptation of student spaces.

This decision has been taken due to threats received by compañerxs of the Inter-university assembly, carried out this past September 7th in the Alfonso Caso auditorium. There, people pertaining to these organizations threatened to sabotage the following Inter-university Assembly which is to be held Friday, September 14th, in ENAH.

We consider it vile that, in spite of pronouncing themselves in favor of women and workers, these organizations have taken advantage of their supposed student character to carry out incongruent actions, like:

– Positing themselves against the dismissal of Sergio Moissen, member of the MTS. He has been accused by a wide number of compañeras of harassment and sexual abuse in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences and FEW Acatlán. Their support of Moissen has negated the veracity of the denunciations realized before the university authorities. Their actions reached the point of organizing a rally to defend the supposed innocence of the accused and the destruction of the testimonies against him hung on a clothesline in the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

– The systematic cover up of Santiago Concheiro, who has been denounced in social media by multiple compañeras. Regardless of these denunciations, they have permitted him to continue participating with the organization in assemblies, as well as being protected by women of Pan y Rosas.

– The breaking on multiple occasions of agreements reached in previous assemblies and demonstrations, through the delivery of political pamphlets, raising flags, monopolizing declarations to the media and even denying mothers of families (in the case of Lesvy Berlín) of leading demonstrations.

We totally reject this organization of “the left” and its militants involved in multiple cases of violence against women. Even after voicing their support of workers and students, they have only demonstrated their interest in utilizing activism to monopolize public attention and justify their political objectives.

Out with sexual aggressors from the schools and universities!!!
Out with those who cover them up!!!
Out with “Leftist” parties that seek power and leadership in the student movement!!!
Out with Pan y Rosas of all the schools and universities!!!