Communique from the FPDT Regarding the Recent Aggressions Against Ejido Members of Acuexcomac (State of Mexico, Mexico)

Editor’s Note: This communique comes from the People’s Front in Defense of Land in Atenco, who have been in an ongoing struggle against the new interntional airport of Mexico City for over 16 years. The communique speaks to the recent attack against members of the community of Acuexcomac, and addresses the way in which the FPDT responded. The original in Spanish was published by Ké Huelga Radio and can be found here

September 11th, 2018

Today, September 28th, ejido members of the town of Acuexcomac, Atenco, were assaulted and evicted from the encampment they have maintained for months to stop the transportation of stone material toward the airport development project. These violent groups are financed by the construction companies PINFRA and CIPSA, with the full permission of Grupo Aeroportuario, and the PRI municipal, state and federal government.

Fifteen ejido members were injured from bullets and beatings, when dozens of armed men got out of busses belonging to the transportation line, Transporte del Valle de Mexico, to attack them. There are no serious injuries, but there are injured, and amidst the emergency, some were taken to the hospital.

The acts alerted the population who immediately gathered in the central plaza of Atenco to demand the municipal resident, Andrés Ruiz, and the ejidal commissioner, Alejandro Santiago, to show their faces. Both “authorities” are responsible for the invasion, concession, and business dealings that have operated since 2013. A specific example is that of the roads and tool booth, just one of the business dealings coordinated by people of the community, “authorities”, and the companies already mentioned.

In the absence of the will on part of the government, without even a minimal response, the population decided to carry out an intermittent blockade of the federal highway Texcoco-Lechería, to reject the cowardly aggression and demand the presence of representatives of the companies and authorities in question.

For various hours, there was tension and rumors that the police might intervene or even the military. After various hours, some representatives of the state government arrived soliciting a dialogue in Texcoco, above all with the ejido members and population of Acuexcomac, who accepted. We will soon know what agreements were reached and in what manner they will be compensated for the grievances they expressed from the attack.

The call of the People’s Front in Defense of Land is the organized unity of all of the communities, that we continue fighting the aggressions again and again. These aggressions are being carried out by violent groups created by the municipal and ejidal president of Atenco, by businesses, the state and federal government, and institutions that maintain and orchestrate these groups to attack us directly in order to defend the plunder and invasion by construction companies like CIPSA, PINFRA, CTM, ANTORCHAS, etc.

We condemn and make clear: The principal person responsible for all that has been unleashed in our communities and threatened our community life in the last 12 years, in the context of the imposition of the new international airport in Lake Texcoco, is Enrique Peña Nieto, the PRI, Grupo Carso and Slim, Grupo Atlacomulco, the mafia of the Hanks, and the entire mercenary political class that was massively rejected in the vote on July 1st.

We reiterate: Our struggle is not only for Atenco, Acuexcomac, Nexquipayac, Tocuila, and all of the dignified communities that defend their hills, forests, springs, rivers…against the immoral airport project of EPN and SLIM. Our struggle is for life and dignity. We roundly reject the power of money and impunity, as it prevails over the life of our children, grandchildren and people throughout the country.

From the water’s edge, Atenco calls on all neighboring communities and brothers of the Valley of Mexico to not lower your guard, to lift up your head and banish the fallacy of defeat they use to impose death.

We call on all of the sister organizations that also defend what is just, to join together in this battle against the airport that will set a precedent for the course of future in our Mexico from below.


People’s Front in Defense of Land