Communique From the CRAC-PC


January 12th, 2018

To the people and communities of the Community System of the CRAC-PC

To the people in general

To the media

Today we mobilize ourselves, the people and communities that integrate the CRAC-PC, together with fraternal organizations, who are not in agreement with what the bad government carries out against us.

Those that defend their territory, security, peace, tranquility, life, our people and families, we are assasinated and incarcerated.  The police and military forces of the government treat us with brutality, the people and organizations that are not willing to remain with crossed arms while they rob us, remove us, humiliate us, ignore us and kill us.

The acts of violence and repression against our compañeros of the liaison committee of La Concepción are proof and a starting point of the aggressions that the police and military forces are rehearsing against the people covered in the unconstitutional and fascist law of internal security.

It is clear that to maintain in power as well as to impose projects like the hydroelectric dam La Parota and the mines, the political class principally uses the armed forces.  It is clear that to carry out their grand plans, they want to remove the participants and organizations that impede them.  

It is time the people give their word.  We will not remain with crossed arms while the government, the businessmen, and the police and military forces rob us, remove us, humiliate us, ignore us and kill us.  Against the system of death that they are raising, they will always encounter a dignified people, that does not give up nor sell itself.  In spite of the death and incarceration, we will continue walking forward constructing alternatives of life, peace, security and justice.  

These are our demands:

  1. Unrestricted respect to our liaison committee in La Concepción, and in general to our community system, the CRAC-PC.
  2. Punishment to the masterminds and those who carried out the assassinations of our compañeros of the community police
  3. Immediate freedom to our political prisoners of the CRAC-PC and CECOP
  4. The state and ministerial police to leave our territory of Cacahuatepec and all of the community territory
  5. That the state government hand over the criminal Iván Sotiano Leal and the other prisoners freed from La Concepción to the CRAC-PC for their reeducation
  6. To the local congress, the immediate approval of our Legal Reform of the Political Constitution of the State Initiative regarding Indigenous peoples, as well as the Popular Initiative of Reform to Law 701, presented by the CRAC-PC with other social organizations.
  7. Total rejection of the unconstitutional Law of Internal Security
  8. Immediate resignation and punishment of Javier Olea Pelaez, Public Prosecutor of the state; Pedro Almazan Cervantes, Secretary of Public Security; Hector Astudillo Flores, State Governor.  Guilty of the extrajudicial executions and of the illegal incarceration of our compañeros of the community system

The respect to our rights will be justice!

Houses of Justice: Matriz de San Luis Acatlán, Espino Blanco, Zitlaltepec, El Paraiso

Liaison Committees: Tecoanapa, Tixtla, Cacahuatepec, Huamuxtitlan, Chilixtlahuaca, Dos Rios, Comunidades de la Región Amuzga