Communique from Mapuche Political Prisoner Facundo Jones Huala (Valdivia, Mapuche Territory, Chile)

Editor’s Note: This communique comes from Mapuche political prisoner Facundo Jones Huala who was recently extradited from Argentina to Chile. In the communique, Facundo Jones Huala proudly claims his part in the militant autonomous movement of puel Mapu (Argentina) and assumes with dignity his position as political prisoner in the Mapuche struggle against capitalism and colonialism. The original in Spanish was published by Werken Noticias and can be found here.

Marri marri pu lamuen ka pu peñi, kiñe futa chaliwun apuen, kom mapuchekeche ka pu anai ka molfunche.

From the high-security prison of Valdivia, assuming political prison with dignity, I send my warm greetings and encouragement to all of my people, to all the puelmapuche that have taken on this historical commitment and consciousness as protagonists. This comes from a political proposal developed in the heat of struggle from the Lof and their ancestral authorities. To my galuche brothers, I salute you with affection and respect. With the spirit of this political prison and the abuses of the Winka, we can transform our struggle with greater advances.

I claim as Lonco de Kurra Mapu (Cuchamen) political, spiritual and cultural authority of our people, as a militant of the autonomous movement of the Puel Mapu, from an ancestral, anti-capitalist, anticolonial vision for the recuperation of our ancestral Mapuche territory.

We must remember the context in which I was persecuted, detained and processed in Chile was in a Lof of resistance to capitalist megaprojects that seek to dam the Pilmaiken river. This initiated an emblematic political trial in 2013 of the defenders of the Huilliche Mapuche territory, who were acquitted of 9 cases, among them the Pisu Pisue case. These defenders were also victims of political persecution orchestrated by this genocidal Norwegian company, STATKRAF.

With the case of Pisu Pisue and the extradition, they have passed from common criminalization and political persecution, to increasing levels of punishment, political hostility and state terrorism, submitting me twice to the same process in the extradition trial. This happened before the eyes of everyone. It is for this that I reject the cruelty, repression and the tactics of dirty war on part of the Chilean and Argentinean state that don’t hesitate to coordinate and operate together to combat us as the internal enemy, imposing repression, assassination, judicialization and theater operations based in the US schools of counter-insurgency of low-intensity warfare.

Finally, I call for the continuance of the process of consciousness raising and reconstruction of the Mapuche nation with all of its expressions in all of the territory. I invite support for this dignified political prison in which I find myself with diverse mobilizations.