Communiqué from Mapuche Political Prisoner, Facundo Jones Huala (Wallmapu)

This communiqué comes from Mapuche political prisoner, Facundo Jones Huala. He has been on a hunger strike since January 27th, connecting the struggles from Mapuche territories outside of prison to the struggle of Mapuche political prisoners inside prison. The original in Spanish was published by Publicación Refractario and can be found here.

Mari Mari Pu Lamuen ka Pu Peñi Pu Mapuche, Pu Wenuy ka molfunche, kafei kom pu Che:

Greetings to my Mapuche people, friends of other origins, and to everyone:

I have decided to begin a new process of mobilization by means of a hunger strike. I began this hunger strike on January 27th due to the constant violations of our political, cultural and territorial rights, not only outside, but also inside prison. Here, we have experienced the refusal to allow the Nguellipun (Mapuche ceremony) with a massive visit of our people. The oppressor is constantly outraged because despite the prison bars, we do not bow down to any tyrant.

This mobilization proposes diverse political objectives within a particular context. This context is the recent political assassination of the Peñi Camilo Catrillanca and the collapse of the set-up and lies of the Winka. This is after the already embarrassing scandal of “operation hurricane” and a new joint attack by the oppressor states against the most principled of the Mapuche movement in the struggle for territory and autonomy, national liberation with the ancestral logic of anti-capitalist and revolutionary reconstruction.

Soon a new political trial will take place in the Province of Chubut against those of us who have dared to confront the capitalist colonial power of transnational corporations like Benetton. We have dared to recuperate our territory with Newen (force, energy) and dignity, while the oppressor state intensifies the repression in defense of its masters.

In the so-called “Pisu Pisué Case”, I have been unjustly condemned with lies and illegalities carried out by the prosecutors, police and complicit judges, who even recognize the political character of the case. They have not hesitated to show their true face—fascist, colonial, anti-Mapuche—convicting me without evidence and with false witnesses. There are no legal guarantees or due process. We all know it is a political condemnation.

But all of this only reaffirms our path, Rakizuam, our political line and the consistent action that comes with it, seeking to contribute to the collective process of struggle of the people. I make public the following reasons for the mobilization:

  • Development and consequent practice of proposals and political lines of the MAP-RAM, CAM, MAP (Pilmaiken) and all of the legitimate conformational dynamics of our people.
  • Fair trials, judicial guarantees and due process for the charged. Review and reopening of the cases of the Mapuche political prisoners for the Mapuche cause, in both countries.
  • Intervention of international human rights observers in both countries in relation to the Mapuche conflict.
  • Fair trial in the Benetton case/ Cushamen (Chubut, Argentina).
  • Permanent prison protocols in agreement with our cultural guidelines for the Mapuche political prisoners, which in the short term would be to authorize massive visits and spaces in which to carry out Nguellipun (Mapuche ceremony) in an individual and collective form.
  • Return of the entire Mapuche ancestral territory, particularly the conflict zones.
  • Expulsion of the large estate owners and transnational corporations from Wallmapu.
  • Recognition by both states of the political character of conflict, repression, assassinations, set-ups and prison.
  • Political solution according to the historical political conflict between the colonial capitalist states and the Mapuche nation.
  • That there exist no sanctions, punishment, or reprisals for claiming rights by means of mobilizations like hunger strikes and/or peaceful disobedience.
  • Respect for our beliefs, customs, and physical, psychological and spiritual integrity. No forceful extraction of DNA.
  • Communication with my lawyer in Argentina.
  • Justice for Rafael Nahuel, Santiago Maldonado, Camilo Catrillanca and all of our dead.

The political proposal for our people is based in three fundamental axes: 1) The reconstruction of the Mapuche world through; 2) recuperation of territory through; 3) territorial control and sabotage to expel the capitalists.

This call is to deepen this strategy, the philosophical/political work toward the interior of our Lof, accompanying the processes of struggle consistent with the Peñi and Lamuen, isolating the dividers and functionaries of the oppressor that have not contributed to the Weichan, but rather have contributed to confusion.

To advance without compromise, to beat the enemy until they are expelled. To reconstruct our world in the liberated territories. The word can be deceitful but not actions. Yes, we are Mapuche, this must be fixed as such. The Winka system, the estate owners, and the businessmen are our enemies. We will not give up without struggle. The rich will not renounce their source of power in a voluntary and peaceful manner and their power resides in the occupation of our land and the exploitation of our people.

Lewis, Benetton and all of the usurpers of our territory must withdraw from our territory, returning the land to all of the communities of Wallmapu. Animo, Newentengue pu peñi ka pu lamuen, that the will of the struggle does not decay, Kishugunewunkelain pifuitain futakeche iem,tain Nguneu eleteu Pu Kuificheiem ka tain Nguenemapu Kushe Nguenmapu Fucha (we do not do this alone, the elders would say, our will was left by our elders and the forces that surround us).

The struggle in prison is an extension of the global struggle. It is the responsibility of each fighter and Mapuche authority to maintain consistent in the search for the right path (Nor Monguel). I apologize if any mistake was made in this long journey, but you can never accuse our people of treason or deceit, nor of cowardly excuses so as to not struggle. Where a hand was needed we were there. We do not time the pulse to wield pencil, stone, axe, or tralka. We act according to the demands of the context. This is now another battlefield.

A combative embrace for Fausto, Lautaro and all of those living clandestinely. Freedom to the Mapuche political prisoners, continuing the path of the fallen ones, not to confuse the enemy. Our struggle is aimed against capitalism.

Amulepe weichan, Mariweu!! Newen Pu Weichafe!

Francisco Facundo Jones Huala

Lonko Cura Mapu (Cushamen)

PPM (Mapuche Political Prisoner)

Modulo Comuneros- CCP Temuco