CODEDI Denounces Military Harassment at the Finca Alemania(Oaxaca, Mexico)


(This communique comes from the Indigenous organization CODEDI and speaks to another act of harassment and intimidation carried out against their organization today at the hands of the Mexican government. Solidarity with CODEDI! Solidarity with the communities in resistance!)

Thursday July 26th, 2018

To the People of Mexico
To the People of the World
To the Social Organizations
To the National and International Human Rights Organizations
To the Media
To All Those That Struggle

From the Finca Alemania, we denounce the intensification of direct military harassment against our organization CODEDI. Today, July 26th, 2018, at 3:00 pm, a military convoy sought to install a military checkpoint in the territory of the CODEDI training center. Our compañeros, making full use of the freedom and autonomy with which we resist, removed the military from our territory. These acts add to the campaign of harassment, criminalization and assassination of our compañeros. Remember that on February 12th, three of our compañeros were assassinated and on July 17th, they assassinated our regional coordinator in Salchi, Pochutla. Thus far there has not been any progress in the judicial investigations.

We know well that no act is isolated, that with their internal security reform they legitimate crimes like those that we have lived in Mexico. Thus, we denounce the Mexican government and hold them responsible for these acts. We will not allow the military to enter our territory. We will continue to defend our Mother Earth.

For the defense of our rights and our territory, not one step back.

Justice for our fallen compañeros.

No to the militarization of Indigenous communities!

Training Center, Ex-Finca Alemania