The National Indigenous Congress Rejects the Integral Project of Morelos and the Consultation Farce

This communique comes from the National Indigenous Congress-Indigenous Governing Council in Mexico and rejects the megaproject, "Proyecto Integral Morelos", and the farce of consultation on which it is sought to be based. The original in Spanish was published on the National Indigenous Congress website and can be found here.

The National Indigenous Congress—Indigenous Governing Council demands the cancelation of the Integral Project of Morelos. This project will destroy and dispossess the Indigenous peoples, ejidos and communities of Morelos, Puebla and Tlaxcala. The intention is to arrange the territory for the smooth functioning of capital, which has done, and continues to do, extensive damage to Mother Earth.

We categorically reject the consultation that the bad federal government has announced for the 23rd and 24th. This consultation will ask the 24 municipalities of Tlaxcala and Puebla, as well as 33 municipalities of Morelos, if they agree or disagree with the operation of the thermoelectric plant of Huexca, in the municipality of Yecapixtla, Morelos. The president of the republic intends to carry out this consultation, while taking advantage of having the media and a large number of uninformed people in his favor. He has already made his position public in support of the project of dispossession, pretending once again—as he did with the consultation to move the airport from Texcoco to Santa Lucía, as well as with the Train Maya—that the decision of which he has already taken has the “approval of the people.”

At stake is the territory of the affected ejidos and communities, not only by the thermoelectric plant already constructed and another that is planned, but by the aqueduct, the diversion of water from the Cuautla river, the gas pipelines and the other complementary works that are part of this megaproject. The bad government seeks to legitimize this project, without even informing the people of the destruction, of the risk and of the dispossession that it will cause. For them, it is that easy to vanish years of struggle of the communities and Indigenous people of Puebla, Morelos and Tlaxcala, against the destruction proposed by the Integral Project of Morelos.

We forcefully say that those consultations are designed in a manner to concretize dispossession and bring death to our territories. This is because:

They supplant the will of the people, offsetting it with a supposed comprehensive citizen consultation, acting as if the will of the owners, possessors and guardians of the territory is worth nothing. As if the bad government has the legitimacy of asking someone if they agree or disagree with this or that project being built in our house.

The consultation is meant to plant a lie, passing it off as if it were the will of the people. Like that, they facilitate the pathway to hand over territory to capitalism, which is desperate to appropriate the natural resources of the people and nations of the world.

The consultation is racist and classist as it doesn’t take into account the modes and forms of decision-making of Indigenous and campesino peoples and popular organizations. It prefers to scorn them in order to take what is theirs, and in this case, hand it over to the companies: Elecnor, Abengoa, Bonatti and Enagas.

The consultation is invasive because it is the Indigenous peoples, ejidos and communities that are directly affected by the project. It is Indigenous peoples, ejidos and communities who within the scope of their autonomy and free determination can legitimately and legally decide the destiny of their territory.

The consultation is repressive because it puts the legitimate and original inhabitants of the territory in a very vulnerable and disadvantageous situation. It seeks to strengthen new social and political pressure based on contempt for and violence against organization from below.

We consider it grave, the precedent this pseudo-consultation will leave on the rights of Indigenous peoples, nations, tribes and neighborhoods and of the civil society of the region. This consultation legitimizes the dispossession and repression against the people who are not in agreement with megaprojects of death.

We remain attentive to the situation and we respectfully call for solidarity with the people who, despite the capitalist lie, resist and organize themselves, to stop the appropriation of their territory and the war of extermination against them.


February 2019

For the Integral Reconstitution of Our Peoples

Never More a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress—Indigenous Governing Council