CNI- Campeche Rejects the Repression of November 11 Against Ayotzinapa


CNI- Campeche Rejects the Repression of November 11 Against Ayotzinapa

Announcement by the communities, organizations, and people of the CNI in Campeche in regards to the repression of the normalista students in Ayotzinapa:

To the Indigenous People and Tribes,

To the people of Mexico,

To the National Indigenous Council,

To the fathers, mothers, families, and students of the escuela normal rural Isidro de Ayotzinapa Guerrero

Brothers and Sisters:

From Campeche, the communities, organizations and people that make up the National Indigenous Council continue to watch with rage and indignation of the deep contempt that the state of Mexico expresses towards the struggles from below, towards the constant and dignified struggle for the appearance with life of the 43 students and for justice to be made for the three students fallen, and two others gravely injured.

Just in September, el Grupo Interdisciplinario de Especialistas Independientes (GIEI) de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) presented a detailed report that the acts which occurred in Iguala, Guerrero on the night of the 26 and the early morning of the 27th of September, 2014 conflicted with the historical truth that the state has tried to impose, dismantling the shadow of dishonesty that covers the entire country and the memory of the young disappeared.

Before this report, the Attorney General’s office and the same president pledgedto not shelve the the Ayotzinapa case, accepting the recommendations of the GIEI when they suggested to reopen new lines of investigation, demonstrating once more that there is no valid nor truthful word that emanates from his mouth, only lies and shamelessness.

The government and its functionaries smile before the cameras and stab others in the back. While the means of information, discuss achieving the ultimate consequences and act as judges to some of those that have participated in the acts, behind the cameras the repression against the fathers, mothers and students of Ayotzinapa constantly continues, betting exhaustion, with forgetfulness, to escape the pain of repression but they know there is so pain outside of losing a son or daughter.

For the State, the Ayotzinapa case only remains open to offer repression, death, injustice, falsity. How much evil has the state done to indigenous people in wanting to kill their children? That is only what occurs. For the Indigenous peoples to which belong the rural normalistas, we have resisted death for more than 500 years of genocide, under the name of “the national project.” Death and more death is what the state has in mind for us, and Ayotzinapa has lit the fire of resistance against the intention to finish us off.

While the fathers, mothers, and peers of the disappeared seek life, the state continues offering death and repression. It demonstrates with each action that the Ayotzinapa case causes a special revulsion and continually confirms that organized crime and disorganized crime of the government of Mexico are exactly the same.

To the people of Ayotzinapa we say, that although those above want to continue deceiving the people of Mexico, saying that the normalista school of Ayotzinapa is a nest of Communists, guerrilla seedlings, forming dissidents, that are part of organized crime; for us our brothers and friends, the shared word continues, and will continue in our hearts and our memories, moving our feet and our thinking.

From Mayan territory, we announce our complete solidarity with the fathers, mothers, and friends of the disappeared of Ayotzinapa.

We condemn the cynical and absurd action of the Mexican state to repress our comrades on November 11 on the road between Chilpancingo and Tixtla.

We reject the intent to discredit the movement of Ayotzinapa wanting to relate them to groups of organized crime.

We declare that we are and will continue the outstanding integrity of our comrades, the respect of the liberty to protest.

I encourage peers to find them.

For the integral reconstitution of our people! Never again a Mexican without us!

November 13, 2015

Campeche, Mexico


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