National Indigenous Congress Demands the Live Return of Sergio Rivera Hernández (Puebla, Mexico)


To the People of Mexico
To the Media
To the National and International Sixth
To the Support Networks of the CIG

While we gathered as the Indigenous Government Council, we received notice of the kidnapping and disappearance of compañero, Sergio Rivera Hernández, who forms part of the movement of communities in resistance to the Coyolapa-Atlzalá hydroelectric project and is also a member of the Indigenous Agrarian Zapatista Movement.

Apparently, the motorcycle in which Sergio was traveling yesterday, August 23rd, on the highway to Tepexioatla, in the Sierra Negra, municipality of San Pablo Zoquitlán, was located damaged at the intersection that goes to the community of Zaragoza. Despite the search efforts of the community, we have not received any notice of his whereabouts.

The compañero has suffered diverse threats and aggressions for opposing the destruction being carried out by the mining company Autlán, in complicity with the bad governments and organized crime groups. These aggressions have been denounced in their moment by our brothers of the Indigenous Agrarian Zapatista Movement.

We hold responsible the bad government at all its levels for the life and well-being of our compañero Sergio Rivera Hernández and principally the municipal presidents of Tlacotepec de Díaz and San Pablo Zoquitlán. They have been operating the destruction of the social and community ties in all of the region, as well as the internal conflict that the businessmen and their foreman need, to seize what belongs to the people.

We demand the immediate live return of Sergio Rivera Hernández and an end to the escalating repression against the Agrarian Zapatista Movement.

August 24th, 2018
For the Integral Reconstitution of our Communities
Never More a Mexico Without Us
Indigenous Government Council
National Indigenous Congress