Chiapas: Ejido Members of Tila Denounce the Reactivation of Paramilitary Groups


Chiapas: Ejido Members of Tila Denounce the Reactivation of Paramilitary Groups

Ejido of Tila, Chiapas; Mexico December 26th, 2015

To the public opinion,

To the massive means of communication

To the nongovernmental human rights

To the National Indigenous Congress (CNI)

To the national and international sixth

To the social organizations that struggle for justice and dignity

Receive warm greetings from comrades of the adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona jungle as we continue by foot in struggle until the end and we will continue struggling for dignified justice for everyone.

We publicly denounce the municipal president of Tila, C. Proft. Edgar Leopoldo Gomez Gutierrez, who with the ambition to gain power, is reviving the paramilitary group “peace and justice.” We also denounce CC. Mateo Rey originally of the community of Cruz Palenque, C. Mateo Gusman de Agua Fria, Don Pascual de el Limar; all of the lower zone of the municipality of Tila, Chiapas where they’ve had an expanding presence of paramilitary groups who’ve massacred many people and since 1996 have remained unpunished wanting again to impose themselves with blood and fire. These people live off our taxes, and because of that communities are not fulfilling political promises because part of the money serves to maintain these scoundrels.

We also publicly denounce C. Regino of the middle zone of Tila and the rural agent of the Juarez union of the Annex to the Ejido of Tila and Nicolas, traitor and opportunist, who are responsible for what is occurring in the Ejido of Tila; whereas, these people walk coordinating by mobile radios that the previous municipal government had given them with the intention to submit to what that they don’t agree with or attack and massacre the people of the Ejido of Tila when the struggle of the members is for land and territory.

The Ejido of Tila has embodied a nonviolent character until their patience runs out, and it needs to be made clear that the struggle is to recover 130 hectares which has been deprived by decree no.72, an act already declared unconstitutional seven years ago and for us the political parties are pigs like all the others. We expelled them from the ejido because of the constant violations of our individual rights, the violation of protection number 73/2014..

Members of the Ejido of Tila have agreed not to establish any dialogue or negotiations with government, because our lands are not for trade or sell, and we will continue struggling to avoid any displacement or against any taxation.

We alert all of the social organization to the many things that might occur in the Ejido of Tila, Chiapas, Mexico because the violence is always carried out by the three levels of government paramilitary groups hiding their service after they say that it is a conflict between communities and we will continue informing them of what is happening.


Land and Liberty

Organs of the Ejido representation

Sealed by the curator and president of the supervisor board

Never more a Mexico without us

Zapata lives, the struggle continues

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