Chiapas: Community of Las Brisas Denounces Threat of Dispossession



Chiapas: Community of Las Brisas Denounces Threat of Dispossession

Community of Las Brisas, Municipality of La Trinitaria, Chiapas

October 17th, 2016

To the sister organizations that have accompanied our struggle

To the adherents of the sixth declaration of the Lacandona jungle

To the Chiapas civil society

To the EZLN

To the Indigenous Tojolabal, Tzeltal, and Tsotsil

Brothers and sisters, compañeras and compañeros, we want to denounce the threats that we have faced in the “community Las Brisas” in the last few months. Since June, our representatives have received telephone calls from Sr. Oscar Arranda, with support of Sr. José Alfredo Espinosa López to intimidate us. Aranda has asked us to give up the land for which we have struggled for 11 years. He says to us that if we do not give in and sell the lands, they will come to displace us causing us to lose our harvest.

José Alfredo Espinosa knows of our struggle and of the forces we have gathered to better organize ourselves. We do not have another profession. We are campesinos, but we have the capacity to fight because the land is not for those who buy it, but for those who work it. We are campsinos that know how to care for the land because we live for the land, and thus, we think that the land does not have a price.

During all of this time of struggle, we recognize ourselves as the descendants of the laborers that were exploited by the landowners of the Palestina Ranch, afterwards named Esmeralda, and then La Yuria. Right now, those lands make up our community of Las Brisas.

For 11 years, we have received many threats from diverse people that all have the same interests: for us to leave our lands. And in the face of all of these threats, we have always responded that the land is not a commodity, it won’t be sold, and we will maintain the land for our families. We want to send a public message to Aranda and Espinosa saying that they are wasting their time. We will not be willing to take money for something that does not have a price because the land is the value of our community and that which sustains our children.

We thank those that listen and understand our message. We also invite you to be attentive to what could happen next.

We also want to say that as adherents we join and support the initiative of the Fifth National Indigenous Congress because we believe that an Indigenous woman presidential candidate could have the necessary voice to represent us.

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