Call for Solidarity with Miguel Ángel Peralta After Four Days of a Hunger Strike (Oaxaca, Mexico)


Today, October 22nd, marks 15 days since the Judge Juan León Montiel, committed to dictate a decision in the case of Miguel. HE DID NOT FULFILL HIS WORD. Meanwhile, Miguel has spent four days without food, only ingesting water, electrolytes and honey.

Thus, we call on you all to communicate with the Mixed District Court of Huautla de Jiménez, or send an email to the judge, to demand he doesn’t delay any more in freeing Miguel. You can also communicate with the Judicial Power of the State of Oaxaca, as they are already aware that Miguel is on a hunger strike and until now they haven’t done anything to pressure the judge of Huautla to carry out his work.

We hold them all responsible for not fulfilling their word and putting the health of our compañero at risk; because for each day that passes, his health will be affected. They have already stolen from him more than three years and five months. There is no reason to postpone his exit from prison any longer.

Miguel will remain on a hunger strike until he achieves his freedom!


Mixed District Court of Huautla de Jiménez Judge Juan León Montiel

  • (01) 236-378-0324


Judicial Power of the State of Oaxaca

  • (01) 951-501-6680 ext. 1

Twitter: @Tribunal_Oaxaca


Contact of the Human Rights Judicial Power of the State of Oaxaca

  • (01) 951-688-5897