(Argentina) Pablo and Diego, Two Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned Since December 2017


From his cell in the prison of Devoto, Pablo Guisto wrote a hand-written letter to denounce his situation: “I was detained during the protest at the Congress on December 14th, and I have still not reached my freedom”.  The militant anarchist assured in dialogue with NOVA that he does not know of any cause or concrete answers about his detention.

According to the official data, there were 44 detained in the march.  The majority regained their freedom the following day, after being summoned for questioning.  However, the permanent assembly of Human Rights of the Northern Zone, said that the two militant anarchists of the Libertarian Movement continue deprived of their freedom.

That Thursday, a massive mobilization of diverse social and political organizations marched from the Obelico toward the National Congress.  The objective was to collectively show the rejection of the intention of the representatives to give preliminary approval to the pension reform and thus carry out a new looting of the pockets of millions of retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance.  The protest ended with brutal police repression.

“My body is here, in a cell, but my mind and spirit are outside fueled by solidarity and conviction”, expressed the prisoner.  In that sense, from APDH Northern Zone, they demanded immediate freedom.

The other deprived of his freedom is Diego Parodi, also an anarchist: “Since we do not belong to a traditional political party, nobody does anything for us”, they expressed from the prison.  Lastly, they emphasized: “We are kidnapped for thinking differently, we are political prisoners”.

Translated from the original here: http://periodicoellibertario.blogspot.mx/2018/02/argentina-pablo-y-diego-dos-compas.html?m=1