Arbitrary Detention of Compañero Rodrigo Haro and Others in Aguascalientes (Mexico)

This communique was published by the National Indigenous Congress and denounces the recent repression and arrest against those fighting an unnecessary overpass construction project in Aguascalientes. The original in Spanish can be found here.

To the Indigenous Governmental Council

To the National Indigenous Congress

To the Zapatista Army of National Liberation

To the National and International Sixth

To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion, Networks and Groups of Support of the CIG

To the Tercio Compas

To all the Hearts that Beat from Below and to the Left

With indignation and rage, we learned that the bad government of Aguascalientes, arbitrarily detained peaceful protestors that were demonstrating against the construction of an unnecessary overpass that entails the felling of a large number of trees.

The arrest occurred around 3am after compañeros installed an encampment on the road to San Ignacio in rejection of the overpass. At that point in the morning, the media had already left. The result of the repression left more than twenty people arrested, among them, compañero Rodrigo Haro, of the Network of Support of the CIG in Aguascalientes.

We demand the immediate freedom of all those detained and the cancelation of this ecocidal project. We call on the solidarity of all of the Networks and Groups of adherents of the Sixth in defense of the compañero Rodrigo and the others detained. We convoke you all to maintain informed and join the actions that could be organized in the following hours and days, in the case that they are not released.

Because to touch one of us is to touch us all!

Our struggle is for life!

Network of Resistance and Rebellion Tlalpan