Anti-Monument Calling to End Femicides in Mexico


As part of the March 8 activities, an anti-monument calling for the end to femicides was installed yesterday in front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes in downtown Mexico City. A flyer with the following text was handed out at the event:

Today we say Enough!

8M 2019

In 1993, mothers of disappeared and murdered women of Ciudad Juarez named femicides as an extreme form of violence directed at half of the population in Mexico: Femicide, the murder of women for being women.

Since then, violence has been on the rise. Thus far in 2019, nine women are murdered everyday (in Mexico). Condemnation, anger and the commitment to put an end to violence continues to grow as 68 million people are at risk of being persecuted, raped and murdered just because they are women.

A femicide is a repressive instrument that affects women and therefore society as a whole. Attacking women for being women means paralyzing the way the country works, ripping apart the social fabric, instilling fear and distrust in daily relationships. Where fear replaces dialogue, terror is instilled.

By putting up this anti-monument, we say enough again. We demand an end to violent femicides.

Today, March 8, 2019, we demand to walk without fear, to participate in justice, to be recognized as agents of change, to smile at the world and to enjoy life in our homes, streets, places of study, work and coexistence.

Not one woman less!

Not one more murder!

We want them alive!