Aggression Against Compañerxs of Tepoztlán


Los Frentes Unidos en Defensa de Tepoztlán have maintained a protest encampment since May 20th against the removal of trees and the ecocide being carried out by the company in charge of expanding the highway La Pera- Cuautla.  The encampment was first at the entrance of the community and afterwards in the corridors of the municipal building,

On November 2nd, as the compañerxs previously denounced, members of town council evicted the encampment and in official government vehicles, stole all of the belonging of the encampment; among them, goods and tools donated for the victims of the earthquake of September 19th.

That same day, an agreement was reached with the municipal president, Lauro Salazar, of among other things, that the encampment be reinstalled and the stolen belongings be returned.  Furthermore, another meeting was scheduled for November 3rd.  

However, minutes after the meeting, compañerxs of Los Frentes Unidos en Defensa de Tepoztlán were attacked by a violent group, among whom were workers of the town council.  The violence was carried out in complicity with the police and municipal president.

End the aggression against the compas of Tepoztlán!

End the aggression against Mother Earth!

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