Statement in Solidarity with Indigenous Prisoner in Struggle Adrián Gómez Jiménez (Chiapas, Mexico)

This statement comes from the working group No Estamos Todxs on the heels of the twenty-year sentence passed down to Indigenous prisoner in struggle, Adrián Gómez Jiménez. The statement critiques the so-called Mexican justice system, and commits to continue the struggle for freedom alongside Adrián Gómez Jiménez. The original in Spanish was published on the website of the working group No Estamos Todxs and can be found here.

February 22nd, 2019

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Today, our compañero Adrián was sentenced to twenty years in prison by the judge César Rodriguez Robles, of the First Criminal Court of Local Jurisdiction, for the supposed crime of kidnapping.

Adrián has been in prison for more then fifteen years. During much of this time he has had to face a process filled with irregularities. He is a survivor of physical and psychological torture. He has suffered and faced all types of discrimination for being poor and Indigenous. But also, he has faced these circumstances with determination, resistance and dignity.

His entire legal process and legal files are nonsense. They are a reflection of how absurd the Mexican legal system is. He currently has three legal files. According to his first file, with the amount of irregularities that it contained, they were forced to begin again with the legal process. That is to say, for the supposed Mexican justice system, it is possible to erase the life and existence of someone for five years and act as if nothing happen. After all, who cares about the life of someone locked behind the dirty walls they build to perpetuate their disgusting justice system. What they don’t know is that this is not the case. Adrián is not alone and never will be.

The accusing party never came forward to recognize him. They never have allowed him to be identified face to face. That is to say, beyond the statement that was extracted from him by means of torture, there is nothing that sustains the veracity of his supposed crime, and much less his sentence.

What is true, and of what he is totally and absolutely guilty, is that he has not hidden his voice, his struggle and his integrity. Adrián has struggled for years in the organization, the Voice of Indigenous Resistance, adherent of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. He has taken part in different processes of resistance against the penitentiary system and for his freedom.

He never understood his struggle as something individual. It would be difficult for a person with the generosity and honesty that he has. He knows that his case is not an isolated one. After fifteen years in prison, he has had enough time to know first hand the magnitude of the injustices hidden behind these gray walls. He has earned the respect and confidence, not only of his compañeros from the organization, but of all of us who have met him along the way and have wanted to confront the beast called the prison; called justice; called inhumanity.

We insist that Adrián is not alone. We are with him and we will not allow anyone to separate him from our side. We are not going to allow anyone to continue hurting him. We will not allow any more injustices against his life, against his pathway of struggle, against his heart. Adrián is part of our family. He is our brother. We want him free. We want him with us in the streets. He should have never been robbed of these years of his life. He should have never been separated from his family.


We demand the immediate and unconditional freedom of our compañero Adrián. We do not believe them. We do not believe in their supposed filth they call justice. We do not believe in their prisons, in their torture. We repudiate them and we will not rest until their walls, their jails, the pain they produce, and them themselves, do not exist.

To our compañero Adrián, we give you our commitment in this collective journey, all our love and fraternity.

To them, all our hatred and contempt.

Immediate freedom to Adrián Gómez Jiménez

Freedom to the prisoners of the Voice of Indigenous Resistance

Freedom to everyone

Until we are all free!

Working Group No Estamos Todxs